Episode 1: Assume Nothing

Swinging couples are marked for death in a series of gruesome murders on and off the Strip, and even Grissom is stumped; Catherine is devastated when the murder charges against her mentor Sam Braun are dropped because of her missteps in the case.  

Episode 2: All for Our Country

With their only suspects dead in the sexual serial killer case, Grissom suspects a cop has delivered vigilante-style justice; meanwhile, Sara and Catherine are called to the scene where a man is found dead – and decomposed -- in a bathtub.

Episode 3: Homebodies

The CSIs work on three cases, two of which may be related –Grissom and Warrick investigate when a robbery victim is found mummified in a locked and barricaded closet, Nick and Sara follow up on the report of an unsupervised teen party gone bad, and Catherine interviews a five year old who finds a gun that was used in a homicide.

Episode 4: Feeling the Heat

An infant left in a hot car is found dead, and the CSI team thinks that the parents may be guilty of murder; Nick and Sara investigate the death of a young woman found floating in Lake Mojave who didn’t drown; an overweight man is found dead in what may be a killer massage chair.

Episode 5: Fur and Loathing

Grissom and Catherine investigate the shooting death of a man dressed as raccoon; Nick and Sara report to the scene where their stock boy victim is found shot to death – and flash frozen -- at a food warehouse.

Episode 6: Jackpot

Grissom goes solo on a murder investigation that begins with a head being delivered to his office, and ends with his evidence kit being stolen, leaving him with no other choice than to build one from scratch, using common household items to catch a killer in a small town, with little help from the local sheriff; Catherine receives what she thinks is hush money from her father, Sam Braun.

Episode 7: Invisible Evidence

Warrick testifies in a rape and murder case where murder weapon is excluded due to an unlawful search, and the judge gives the team 24 hours to find additional evidence or he’ll throw the case out;

Episode 8: After the Show

A model and aspiring show girl is missing, and the avalanche of media attention draws out her murderer, a photographer who insists that Catherine is the only CSI with whom he will cooperate. [Note: This episode is based on the real-life Linda Sobek murder case, which CSI producer/technical advisor Elizabeth Devine worked on]

Episode 9: Grissom Versus the Volcano

A federal marshal is killed in a car bomb explosion, but he wasn’t the intended target; Warrick and Sara investigate the hot tub death of a famous R&B singer’s wife.

Episode 10: Coming of Rage

The body of a teenage boy is found beaten to death at a building site, with his pants around his knees, and CSIs’ prime suspect claims he was a classmate who tried to rape her; a young woman just returned from her honeymoon is shot dead the day she moves into her new home, and her ex-husband seems the logical suspect. Brain Austin Green (“Beverly Hills 90210”) Guest Stars.

Episode 11: Eleven Angry Jurors

A juror sequestered in a murder trial is found dead in the jury deliberation room, giving the CSIs 11 possible suspects; Nick reopens a murder investigation when the victim’s sister admits she withheld critical information.

Episode 12: Butterflied

Grissom is consumed by the brutal murder of a nurse who looks like Sara.

Episode 13: Suckers

A young woman is found drained of blood, and the evidence –including the fangs she’s wearing --- point the CSIs to modern-day Vegas style vampires; an invaluable 17th century samurai collection disappears in a casino heist…or does it?

Episode 14: Paper or Plastic

 Officer Fromansky, Grissom’s nemesis, is involved in a grocery store shootout where five people die, including his partner, and when his version of what went down doesn’t jibe with the evidence, Grissom is determined to find out what really happened.

Episode 15: Early Rollout

The CSIs investigate the murder of a couple, a club owner and his trophy wife, shot execution-style in their driveway; Catherine reveals the damaging secret she’s been keeping about Sam Braun.

Guest Stars: Nicholas Lea, D.B. Sweeney, and cameos by Oscar Goodman, the mayor of Las Vegas, as a defense attorney, and CSI creator Anthony E. Zuiker, as a strip club bouncer.

Episode 16: Getting Off

A man is found dead inside a tire in the part of Vegas known as Tranny Town, but he’s not a transvestite, he’s a professional clown; another man is found stabbed to death in the crack and syringe area, but he’s not a customer, he was a counselor at a halfway house.

Guest Star: Paul Dooley

Episode 17: XX

A prison bus is involved in an accident, and when the CSIs investigate, they discover a female inmate tied to undercarriage, but she wasn’t escaping, she was murdered; Grissom and Warrick are called to the scene of a brutal stabbing

David Marciano (“Due South”) and Gina Torrez (“24,” “Alias,” “Angel”), who plays the prison Warden Hutton, guest star.

Episode 18: Bad to the Bone

A suspect in a brutal murder violently attacks Grissom during interrogation, and when Brass and officers struggle to subdue him, he winds up dead, and although the police are cleared of wrong-doing, Grissom has more questions than answers about the man’s inexplicable past.

Episode 19: Bad Words

The CSIs show up at the scene of a house fire, with reason to believe that there may be a serial arsonist at work in the neighborhood, but when a young girl is discovered dead in the house, the investigation turns from arson to murder; a champion logos player is asphyxiated by game tiles.

Episode 20: Dead Ringer

A runner in the annual Law Enforcement Desert Relay is found dead at the side of the road, and every suspect in the CSIs’ investigation of his death is a cop; in another part of town, Sara and Warrick are called to a hotel room where two other police officers are found dead in what looks like an extramarital affair-turned-murder/suicide.

Episode 21: Turn of the Screws

Six people are dead after a roller coaster car flies off its tracks at an amusement park and careens into a parking lot, but the CSIs discovers one of the victims was not on the ride and was murdered before the accident actually happened; Catherine and Warrick investigate the death of a young girl whose body was dumped at Lake Mead.

Episode 22: No More Bets

Two college kids who were scamming Sam Braun’s casino wind up dead, and Grissom removes Catherine from the case because of her personal involvement; Grissom recommends Nick for a promotion, and Sara is crushed.

Episode 23: Bloodlines

A casino worker is beaten and raped after she leaves work, and the CSI investigation leads to what looks like a slam-dunk arrest in the case – until the evidence lies.