Episode 1: Built to Kill - Part 1

The team finds themselves immersed in the theatrical mystery of Vegas’ famous Cirque Du Soleil after an anonymous corpse, wrapped in a deflated crash bag, falls from the rafters. Across town, Brass and Sara investigate a man who blew his brains out and held the gun after his death.

Meanwhile, Brass gets his medal of honor after coming close to losing his life, and Catherine becomes a victim of the date-rape drug. 

Episode 2: Built to Kill - Part 2

Grissom and Sara try to solve the mystery behind the miniature, which leads them into the sordid world of rock music. Meanwhile, Catherine gets in a car accident, and Lindsey is kidnapped from the passenger seat. Catherine realizes that she and her daughter are the victims of her father’s crooked business ventures.

Episode 3: Toe Tags

Crime scene investigation collides with the land of the living dead when four corpses come to life in the morgue. Meanwhile, the team tries to solve the mysteries behind the victims’ individual deaths.

Episode 4: Fannysmackin

A mob of hooded criminals, who surround their victims and then beat them to death, takes to the strip where they seriously injure a few people and murder one. Trying to fight crime and put the masked hooligans behind bars, Greg becomes a victim of the group’s violence.

Episode 5: Double-Cross

The team uncovers the true meaning of damnation when a woman is crucified in a church. When clues suggest she was sleeping with the father of the parish, the CSIs reason that the victim’s forbidden love might have caused her death.

Episode 6: Burn Out

The CSIs investigate the mysterious disappearance of two young boys who live in close proximity to a known sex offender. Grissom employs the help of the sex offender to put him inside the mind of a pedophile and in turn catch the killer.

Episode 7: Post Mortem

The team struggles to identify the criminal behind the death of an elderly cancer patient who fell through her window. They realize that the serial killer who fashions miniatures after his crimes is to blame for this tragedy as well. Greg comes up against past demons when he is brought to court for the murder of Demitrius James.

Episode 8: Happenstance

Two estranged identical twins are killed within a couple hours of each other; one is the victim of a drive-by shooting while the other is found dead, in what appears to be a staged suicide, as she is hanging from her home’s ceiling by a dog leash. The team struggles to piece together the sisters’ pasts in order to catch their criminal.

Episode 9: Living Legend

An old mob legend returns to Vegas many years after his staged death to murder his deceitful cronies. To cover up his murders he masquerades as a Mexican fisherman, an old and weathered African American woman and transforms himself into one of his victim’s hours before he kills him.

Episode 10: Locomotives

A man incriminates himself when he falls in cement when trying to transport his wife’s dead body. His unintentional actions lead him to commit two murders within 24 hours. Meanwhile, Grissom comes face to face with the miniature killer when the third and final murder takes place at a slaughterhouse.

Episode 11: Leaving Las Vegas

Catherine and Nick investigate a case in which a guilty man was proven innocent. They leave Las Vegas and travel to a neighboring town where they realize the criminal is not only guilty for one murder but three.

Grissom leaves his team for a four week sabbatical.

Episode 12: Sweet Jane

When an unidentified girl is found dead, the team finds three other “Jane Does” from three separate decades that share similar body types and looks. The CSIs struggles to identify the victims as well as their murderer.

CSI Michael Keppler joins the team.

Episode 13: Redrum

Catherine and Keppler stage a follow-up crime to catch the biggest drug supplier on the West Coast  suspected to have murdered a public official. Catherine deals with the repercussions of keeping the staged crime a secret from her team.

Episode 14: Meet Market

The burned body of an ex-con leads the team into the underground world of black market body tissue trades.  Meanwhile, Sara investigates a case in which a woman is found dead in her home after partying at a new kind of escorts’ club.

Episode 15: Law of Gravity

Keppler’s past is revealed when he covers for his deceased ex-girlfriend’s father who recently committed a crime in Vegas. However, when Keppler realizes that the man he trusted is a dirty cop he becomes embroiled in a very dangerous and life-threatening situation.

Grissom returns from sabbatical.

Episode 16: Monster in the Box

Newly back to the office from his sabbatical, Grissom realizes that Ernie Dell wasn’t the miniature killer after all when he finds yet another replica of a heinous crime packaged on his desk. With only a few hours to save the potential victim, an officer finds herself in the line of danger.

Episode 17: Fallen Idols

When the head of the cheerleading team and her basketball star boyfriend go missing, Grissom and Nick wonder if they are still alive after finding blood trace on the football field. However, when the team finds evidence leading back to their circle of friends and photographer teacher, who showed an obsessive interest in the missing male, they try to uncover the disastrous plot behind the case.

Episode 18: Empty Eyes

When five showgirls are found dead in their Green Valley home, Sara arrives at the scene to get a few strained words from yet another victim before her death. However, when the team later finds a man whose life was spared, despite the fact that he has stab wounds from the same knife used to kill the showgirls, they wonder if they have a serial killer on their hands.

Episode 19: Big Shots

Across town, Catherine and Warrick find a young woman dead on the street next to a golf course.  The investigators believe she might have been thrown from the car after she was killed as her corpse shows traces of gravel.

Episode 20: Lab Rats

With lady luck on his side and looking for some personal glory, Hodges enlists the help of the other lab techs in a covert effort to find a common link between the miniatures in the miniature killer cases while the CSI’s are out of the lab on various investigations.

Episode 21: Ending Happy

In their attempt to identify the murderer of a has-been boxer who lived among a group of prostitutes who detested him, the CSIs must establish which of several life-threatening acts against him one night actually killed him.

Episode 22: Leapin' Lizards

The CSI’s discover that several suspects in a woman’s murder are members of a bizarre UFO club who believe that shape-shifting reptile-like aliens have mated with humans for centuries as a means of conquering the human race.

Episode 23: The Good, The Bad & The Dominatrix

Lady Heather and Grissom’s worlds collide again when she is found near death after a private rendezvous with a sadistic client.

 A young woman is found dead on a street corner with yellow paint chips embedded in her fractured skull.  The CSI’s follow a tricky trail to determine which of Vegas’ many taxicabs was responsible.

Episode 24: Living Doll

As the CSI team comes closer than ever to identifying the miniature killer, Sara mysteriously goes missing, forcing her relationship with Grissom out into the open.